Roe salad with tuna

We added ingredients in ideal proportions to get a high quality roe salad. Tuna adds extra flavor and the onion equilibrates the consistency. We strive to add as few additives as possible to not change the taste and appearance of salad and create the feeling of a homemade salads.

The roe has a high content of vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and phosphorus needful for a healthy diet.

Product Category: refrigerated

We added the tuna in our salad because it is an important source of Omega3 that is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and for the brain (protective against Alzheimer disease and cognitive decline) and it protects the lungs (against asthma) and the joints (arthritis protection). Studies have shown that Omega3 fatty acids have anti-cancer properties. The tuna contains also selenium and it is also an important source of B vitamins and folic acid.

This product is packed in boxes of 70 grams, 140 grams, 330 grams. Refrigerated product to be stored at 0-4°C until the date printed on the label.

WARNING! The product is valid until shown the condition to keep the package intact.

Packing: Boxes of 70 grams, 140 grams, 330 grams
The product contains: Vegetable oil, sparkling water, grey mullet roe 10%, tuna 10%, marinated onions, salt, gelling agents: guar gum, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, citric acid, tuna flavor.
Method of storage: Refrigerated product to be stored at 0-4°C until the date printed on the label.
Product meets: Quality and food safety standards HACCP, FSSC 22000-2011 (the only certified company in the field in Romania), ISO 9001-2008, ISO-14001-2005, SR-EN-ISO-22000-2005.
More information: Product containing a minimum amount of necessary preservatives.

The consumption of fish devenit obicei alimentar, datorita continutului de substante nutritive, poate proteja organismul uman de multiple afectiuni cum ar fi:

  • Afectiuni ale inimii (atac de cord, ritm cardiac anormal, coagularea sangelui) – beneficiile se datoreaza scaderii nivelului trigliceridelor din sange;
  • Alzheimer si alte boli ale imbatranirii creierului – acizii grasi polinesaturati gasiti in peste previne deteriorarea celulelor nervoase in timp si presiunea mare a sangelui si ajuta in privinta puterii de concentrare;
  • Cancer – diferite studii de speicalitate au demonstrat ca cei care nu mananca peste se expun la un risc de pana la trei ori mai mare de a face cancer de prostata in comparatie cu cei care mananca in cantitati mari sau moderate. Fructele de mare contin si seleniu care are propietatea de a lupta impotriva aparitiei cancerului;
  • Depresie – se poate diminua efectele acesteia prin consumul de peste, fiindca acizii grasi omega 3 cresc nivelul serotoninei de la nivelul creierului;
  • Artrita – uleiurile din peste reduc inflamatiile din organism cum ar fi artrita reumatoida
  • Imbatranirea pielii – o dieta bazata pe peste poate diminua ridurile aparute datorita varstei.

Toate aceste caracteristici pot fi aplicate si roe cu mentiunea ca acestea aduc in plus un aport mai ridicat de vitamina D si vitamina B12.

WARNING! However, as any food product there might exist and contraindications which we kindly as you to follow. Some contraindications may include moderate consumption of fish and fish eggs, moderate consumption of eggs for people with liver disease, consumption of products over the period indicated on the packaging and preservation of as directed to eliminate the risk of food poisoning .

This product should not be consumed by people allergic to fish or spices used.